18 facts about Brown recluse spider

Brown recluse spider
11.Their abdomen is uniformly colored.
Colors vary from dark brown to light cream. It is also covered with fine hairs that resemble velvet.
12.Female brown recluse needs to mate only once to produce eggs throughout its entire life.
One female can produce roughly around 150 spiderlings per year.
13.Brown recluse spiders lay eggs from May to July.
14.They are active from March to October.
15.They are nocturnal creatures.
16.Brown recluse build irregular webs, but do not use them to capture prey.
They prefer to hunt at night, chasing their victims.
17.They feed on soft-bodied insects, not necessarily freshly killed.
They are also known for cannibalism.
18.They are susceptible to flat, sticky cards.
It’s believed to be the most effective way to get rid of these unwanted tenants.

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Brown recluse spider
18 facts about Brown recluse spider

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