17 facts about Tawny frogmouth

Tawny frogmouth
11.Their breeding season starts in August and lasts till December.
Both male and female participate in building nest.
12.They build big nests.
Nests are usually located in forked tree branches and reach up to 30 cm (11.8 in) in diameter. They are built with twigs, grass and leaves. Structure is not very durable and can disintegrate easily.
13.They lay one to three eggs in single clutch.
Both parent incubate eggs but males do it during the day and partners change over at night. Brooding bird is provided with food by it’s partner.
14.Eggs are incubated for around 30 days.
Chicks hatch out with downy feathers and are being fed by both parents. After 25 to 35 days juveniles become fledlings and are ready to leave the nest.
15.They often fall prey to cats, foxes and dogs.
16.Tawny frogmouths life span in wild is approximately 10 years.
17.They are not an endangered species.
IUCN lists frogmouths as LC (least concern).

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Tawny frogmouth
17 facts about Tawny frogmouth

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