15 facts about Glass frogs

Glass frogs
11.Depending on the species, they can live from 10 to 14 years.
12.During mating season males are calling females.
When female approach, they mate on a leaf where eggs are being deposited during the process. Females lay about 20 to 40 eggs (depending on species), which are later guarded by a male. Males take care of eggs defending them from predators and moisturizing them.
13.Tadpoles hatch after 2 weeks.
They fall into water below a leaf. Equipped with strong tails and fins they handle fast-flowing waters easily. Tadpoles are omnivorous, they eat algae, moss, mosquito larvae and other little insects.
14.Biggest threat to glass frogs eggs are wasps and flies.
Frog flies for example lie their own eggs among glass frog eggs. Flies’ eggs hatch faster so maggots start to consume embryos of a frog.
15.Most of glass frog species are not endangered.
As they are arboreal creatures, deforestation is the biggest threat to them.

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Glass frogs
15 facts about Glass frogs

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