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Lithobates catesbeianus

The American bullfrog, commonly referred to as simply bullfrog, is an invasive species native to North America. As one of the largest frog species, and non-toxic for humans, bullfrogs are commonly eaten around the world, valued for their savory taste.
American bullfrog
It is an amphibian of the family Ranidae, commonly known as the true frog.
Bullfrogs are native to the eastern parts of North America.
They are referred to as bullfrogs in both the U.S. and Canada.
It is the largest species of frog in the United States.
It can grow up to 20,5 centimeters long and reach a weight of 0,5 kg. Their legs usually exceed the body size, reaching up to 25 centimeters.
They display sexual dimorphism.
Females are larger and heavier than males. Moreover, female eardrums, called tympana, are roughly the same size as their eyes, while male eardrums are larger than their eyes.
Their skin colors are typically green or greenish brown, with dark spots on the sides and on the back.
They are carnivores.
They feed on water beetles, crayfish, snails, dragonfly larvae, baby birds, small rodents, and other frogs. There are even known cases of bullfrogs eating bats. Basically, American bullfrogs define meals as anything that fits in their mouths.
Bullfrogs can jump a distance of 2 meters.
They have several natural predators.
They fall prey to foxes, snapping turtles, raccoons, water snakes, and herons.
Their average lifespan is 7 to 10 years in the wild and up to 16 years in captivity.
They are adjusted to warm weather, burying and hibernating in mud when the temperature drops.
They reach sexual maturity between the age of 2 to 4.
The breeding season lasts from late May to July.
Females can lay up to 20,000 fertilized eggs, which hatch within the next four days.
The tadpoles remain in the pond for the next two years, then undergo metamorphosis in August or September.
Bullfrogs are solitary, apart from the mating season when they gather at breeding ponds.
They are commonly consumed worldwide.
Apart from being large, they are non-toxic to humans. Their legs are eaten grilled, fried, and boiled.
It is a successful invasive species.
It has been introduced to southern North America, where is considered a threat to native amphibian species. Apart from the North American population, it has also been introduced to Europe, Asia, and Africa.
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