17 facts about Bull snake

Bull snake
11.Most of them are docile but when feel endangered they imitate rattlesnake behavior.
They coil up, hiss, raise their tail and shake it.
12.Their active season starts in late April when they emerge from hibernation.
Bull snakes stay active till early October.
13.They start to mate in May and lay eggs in June and early July.
Nests may be located in open area as well as under the rocks or logs. Bull snakes usually dig their nests separately but communal nests also have been reported.
14.Female lays about 12 eggs in a hole and leave them without protection to hatch.
Bull snake eye is 70 mm (2,7 in) in diameter, has an elliptical shape and leathery shell.
15.It takes around 60 days for bull snake eye to hatch. New born specimens are 25 to 43 cm (10 to 17 in) long.
16.They fall prey to most birds of prey, coyotes, foxes, weasels an other snakes.
17.Bull snakes population Is decreasing due to disappearing grasslands which are crucial for their breeding.

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Bull snake
17 facts about Bull snake

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