14 facts about Spinosaurus

11.We are still unsure what was the role of its sail.
It might be useful to body heat regulation or make the animal more intimidating to opponents as it enlarged it optically a lot.
12.Fossils of BSP 1912 VIII 19 specimen discovered in 1912 were destroyed during WWII.
During the allied bombardment of Munich in 1944, British pilots dropped bombs on a museum where the fossilized bones of Spinosaurus were kept. It was the only specimen known to humanity at the time. Until the 1990s there were only monographic descriptions of this reptile made by Stromer.
13.First remains of Spinosaurus after 1944 events were rediscovered in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.
14.Spinosaur appeared in Jurrasic Park 3 movie.
It fights and wins against a T-Rex in a spectacular fight. In reality, those creatures couldn't meet because they lived in different times, about 20 million years apart.

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14 facts about Spinosaurus

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