26 facts about Temple of Artemis

Temple of Artemis
11.It has been completed in ten years.
Construction work finished around 560 BC. It was made with marble and Lebanon cedar. Temple's walls and columns were ornamented with bas-reliefs and precious metals like gold and silver.
12.The original Artemis statue has been made of gold, silver, ebony and black stone.
She was depicted as a woman with many breasts, in a high and pointed headgear, dressed in a garment covering her hips and legs. Garment was covered with reliefs of wild animals and bees.
13.An arsonist Herostratus destroyed it in 356 BC.
Herostratus was a local shoemaker who wished to immortalize his name by burning down the Temple of Artemis. As a result of arson, Herostratus was sentenced to death and forbode mentioning his name to anybody. Memory of him survived thanks to Theopompus, an ancient Greek historian.
14.It is believed that on the day of temple burndown, Alexander the Great was born.
Ancient historian Plutarch mentioned that Artemis was too occupied by Alexander's birth, so she couldn't manage to save her own temple that day.
15.Alexander the Great offered financial help in temple's restoration.
Ephesians gracefully declined an offer with the words "it would be improper for one god to build a temple to another." They managed to raise enough money to rebuild it on their own a few years later.
16.It was a place of magnificent ancient Greek religious festival. The celebration lasted for a few days.
It was adapted from Hellenic to Roman tradition. The famous festival was elongated from a few days to a whole month by the Roman edict from 162 AD.
17.In 268 AD, an East Germanic tribe called Goths raided the city of Ephesus and severely damaged the third temple.
It is unknown how big the destruction of the temple after the Goths' invasion was. It unquestionably has been repaired after the 268 damage but never restored to its breathtaking original form.
18.Temple was finally closed by Christians sometime in the 5th century AD.
Archbishop of Constantinopole John Chrysostom might be a person that destroyed the Temple of Artemis. It is not assured as not much evidence exists to support that claim. One of his successors, Archbishop Proculus, mentioned John Chrysostom who "In Ephesus, [he] despoiled the art of Midas."
19.Christians considered Artemis a demon.
That is why they ruined such a priceless architectural masterpiece. Christian uncivilized approach to other gods and religions resulted in a tremendous loss for all humanity.
20.Part of the temple's masonry has been used to assemble other buildings.
Temple of Artemis
26 facts about Temple of Artemis

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