32 facts about Argentina

11.Argentina has numerous protected nature areas, among other 30 national parks.
The most famous, present on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, is Los Glaciares National Park and Iguazú National Park.
12.Argentina is home to animals typical for South America: llamas, jaguars, monkeys, armadillos, toucans, hummingbirds, nandu, parrots, and Patagonian sea lions that live along the coast, and sea lions, that live in the Mar del Plata area.
13.One of the biggest attractions of Argentina is a waterfall in Iguazu National Park.
It consists of 270 cascades, and its width is about 2,500 meters.
14.The Andes are the natural border between Argentina and Chile.
At the same time, their highest peak and the highest peak of the western hemisphere is Aconcagua – 6,962 meters above sea level.
15.Laguna del Carbón is the lowest point of Argentina and the Americas.
It is a salt lake that lies 105 meters below sea level. At the same time, it is the seventh-lowest point on Earth.
16.The central part of the country consists of grassy plains called the Pampas.
These are farmlands, and the gauchos raise and graze cattle there. Gauchos are South American cattle herders. They are usually descendants of Polish, Swedish, Dutch and Italian families.
17.The southern part of the country is called Patagonia. It has a dry, windy climate with cold winters.
In Patagonia live sea lions, seals, and penguins.
18.Argentina is one of the most significant wine producers in the world.
19.The oldest university in South America is Universidad Nacional de Cordoba.
It is located in Cordoba, the second-largest city in Argentina.
20.The official language in Argentina is Spanish.
32 facts about Argentina

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