26 facts about Brittle stars

Brittle stars
21.Some of them can reproduce by fission.
They can split in half and regenerate afterward. It is easy to identify such individuals as they have half arms fully developed and half smaller in the process of development. This kind of reproduction is common among six-armed species.
22.To sustain life, the brittle star must have a central disc and at least three arms.
Regeneration of lost limbs requires a lot of energy, very often more than an animal can deliver by consumption. In many cases, it reduces fat deposit reduction and impairs gonadal function.
23.Bristle stars do not have eyes but some of them can sense light using lens-like structures made of calcite.
24.They reach sexual maturity in two to three years.
Most of them reach complete adulthood in the fourth year of life.
25.Their lifespan varies between species.
Most brittle stars live up to 5 years, but species living much longer (even 30 years) can also be found.
26.Over 60 species of brittle stars are bioluminescent.
The validity of bioluminescence has not been fully explored. It may be used by the animal to deter potential predators. Both coastal and deep-sea species are capable of emitting light. Most brittle stars emit greenish colors, but there are also species that glow blue.

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Brittle stars
26 facts about Brittle stars

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