20 facts about Ocean sunfish

Ocean sunfish
11.They do not have many enemies.
Those giants are hunted mostly by sea lions, killer whales and sharks. Juveniles may be also hunted by tunafish or common dolphinfish.
12.They are sunbathing to warm up because of their ectothermic nature.
As they do so, they straighten horizontally and float just beneath the water surface. During this process, the sunfish eagerly expose their skin to waterfowl, which helps the fish get rid of skin parasites.
13.The newly hatched sunfish is tiny, measuring about 2,5 mm (0,1 in).
If they are lucky enough to survive and develop into fry, they need only 15 months to achieve a size of an adult.  To increase the chance of survival, juveniles swim in schools.
14.Females are able to produce as many as 300 million eggs.
Single egg measures 1,3 mm in diameter. Fertilization occurs in water, where released eggs are fertilized by sperm.
15.We still do not know how long an ocean sunfish can live.
In captivity, they may live over ten years.
16.They are being mistaken for sharks.
Because ocean sunfish often swim near the water's surface, their dorsal fin protrudes above the water and resembles that of sharks. Those familiar with marine animals, however, will easily distinguish them from a shark by the way they move.
17.Despite the fact they are quite big, they pose no threat to humans.
Ocean sunfish are docile creatures that have no interest in humans. Sometimes they can hurt people when jumping out of the water and landing on boats.
18.In 2005, a relatively small, 30 kg sunfish landed on a family boat, injuring a 4-year-old boy.
The accident occurred off the coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales.
19.They are considered a delicacy, especially in Asia.
Sunfish are very popular in Japan and Taiwan. All parts of the fish are used in cooking, from the fins to the entrails.
20.They are an endangered species.
IUCN classifies those fish as vulnerable (VU) as the population is decreasing. They are getting caught in fishnets or suffocate by consuming plastic bags that they mistakenly take for jellyfish - one of their foods.

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Ocean sunfish
20 facts about Ocean sunfish

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