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19 facts about snails
19 facts about snails
Also called gastropods
Snails are mollusks and are one of the most numerous animal species in the world. In terms of species diversity, they are second only to insects. Even ...

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The herd structure of bonobo is largely characterized by egalitarianism (gender equality) and the dominance of sexual interaction between individuals.
Hierarchy in the bonobo herd is not as strongly marked as among other primates. Frans de Waal, a pri ...
Glass frogs
Most of glass frogs skin colors is lime to olive green.
There are also brown ones (like Nymphargus rosada). Their bodies may be covered with color spots and dots regarding of habitat they need to blend to.
Cane toad
The bufotoxin produced by the toad's skin is very dangerous to animals and can kill them quickly.
Dogs tend to be poisoned because they often bite or lick cane toads. Exposure to the toxin can cause drooling, loss of coordination, head shaking and convulsions.
Luna moth
Both sexes are green with a long tail on hind wings.
Fore and hind wings have an oval spot, one per wing. Second and third generation moths have more yellowish-tinted wings.
They are the smallest of all cetaceans.
Luna moth
Adult forms have vestigial mouthparts, which means they cannot eat.
That is why this species is short-lived. An average imago (adult form) lifespan is 7 to 10 days.
Ocean sunfish
They do not have many enemies.
Those giants are hunted mostly by sea lions, killer whales and sharks. Juveniles may be also hunted by tunafish or common dolphinfish.
They are considered large insectivores.
Their body mass ranges from 400 to 1900 grams, with a body length of approximately 40 centimeters. T ...
Pink river dolphin
Botos have two types of teeth.
Front teeth are pointed, while the ones at the back are meant to crush their prey.
They most often fall prey to birds of prey, ravens, weasels, snakes, raccoons, foxes and large fish such as catfish and pike.
They are also subject to hunting; in Poland, the mallard hunting season runs from September 1 to December 31.