18 facts about Crested gecko

Crested gecko
11.Crested geckos emit loud squeaks when threaten or afraid.
12.However lizards can regenerate amputated tails, crested geckos do not possess this ability.
Once lost, it’s gone forever.
13.Their toes and tip of tail are covered in small hair called setae.
It helps them climb various surfaces, even smooth, vertical ones.
14.While in captivity, adult crested geckos should be kept in separate tanks.
Especially males and females.
15.There are many skin color groups occurring in wilderness, including various shades of yellow, orange, brown, grey or red, that form three color morphs – pattern-less, white-fringed and tiger.
Crested geckos bred in captivity have many color morphs absent in the wild, such as the harlequin.
16.They can also make their colors more vibrant due to camouflage, communication or as a response to humidity, temperature, light, etc.
17.They prefer humid environment.
Ideally, the humidity of their environment should not drop below 50% during the day, and 80% at night.
18.Based on how long they were kept in captivity, crested geckos live approximately 15 – 20 years.
Their wild lifespan is not yet determined.

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Crested gecko
18 facts about Crested gecko

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