Facts about Saguaro cactus

19 facts about Saguaro cactus
The plant is supported by wooden ribs inside the trunk and arms.
They can be as long as the cactus itself and have few centimeters in diameter.
Plants without grown arms are called spears.
Tallest saguaro cactus recorded so far was 23,8 m (78 ft) high.
Unfortunately the armless plant was toppled during a windstorm in 1986.
The saguaro blossom is Arizona's state flower.
Earliest documented use of saguaro dates back to 1540 when Pedro de Castañeda noticed O'odham tribesmen collecting cactus fruits.
He wrote a brief note about harvest and ritual of preparing fermented juice of cactus fruits.
It is illegal in Arizona to shoot saguaros.
Bighorn sheep got its skull penetrated by saguaro spine after hitting it with head.
Don’t mess with a cactus.
Saguaro actually killed a man. In 1982, David Grundman was shooting at cactus to make it fall. Unfortunately for him a 230kg (500 lb.) arm of the plant fell onto him and later the trunk finished the job.
For cutting saguaro down you can go to jail.
Maximum sentence you can get is 3 year and 9 months.