18 facts about Lighthouse of Alexandria

Lighthouse of Alexandria
11.On the facade facing the sea were engraved inscriptions in honor of Zeus.
12.The lighthouse was repeatedly damaged by earthquakes that occurred in the area. Around the 2nd century AD its upper part collapsed.
13.The lighthouse was damaged by subsequent earthquakes in 796 and 951.
The remaining 20-meter-high upper part of the lighthouse collapsed in 956 and further damage was caused by earthquakes in 1303 and 1323.
14.Around the 9th century, the lower part of the lighthouse was adapted into a mosque.
15.The earthquake of 1375 dealt the final blow to the building.
Stone leftovers from the ruins was used to build a fort in 1480.
16.According to legend, inside the lighthouse Ptolemy II locked 72 scholars to independently translate the Old Testament.
17.A scaled-down replica of the Faros lighthouse is located in the city of Changsha, China.
18.In 1994, French archaeologists discovered the remains of a lighthouse at the bottom of an estuary from Alexandria's port.
In 2016, an idea was brought up by the Egyptian government's Ministry of Antiquities to create an underwater lighthouse museum at the site.

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Lighthouse of Alexandria
18 facts about Lighthouse of Alexandria

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