26 facts about Petra

11.Nabatean architecture is immanent to all buildings within Petra.
Hellenistic and Egyptian architectural influences blend with local, Arab and Semitic influences. This interpenetration and ideological inspiration characterize the Nabatean architecture and culture.
12.Among Petra's monuments, there are Nabatean tombs, temples, theaters, waterworks.
The Petra Basin covers almost 100 km² (38.6 sq mi). It is full of limestone mounds, undulating sandstone hills, cut by narrow valleys and broad plains.
13.The most famous monument in Petra is Al-Khazneh, called by the Bedouins "Treasury of the Pharaoh."

The name is derived from a local legend about a pharaoh's treasure. According to tales, the pharaoh placed an urn filled with treasure on the Al-Khazneh facade's top.

According to historians, the tomb was erected for the Nabatean king Aretas III in the 1st century BC, long after the last native pharaoh died. 

14.Al-Khazneh was used in the movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" as a shelter and temple of the Holy Grail.
15.The Royal Tombs compose a great complex of over a dozen of large tombs that may have been built for the rulers.
This complex includes a tomb with underground vaulted corridors and a spacious inner chamber containing the urn. In Byzantine times, that tomb was converted into a church.
16.The Temple of Winged Lions was dedicated to the wife of the highest Nabataean male deity, Dushara - Lord of the Mountains.
17.The ruins of Petra are the backdrop in Agatha Christie's crime story "Appointment with Death."
18.In 2007, Petra was declared one of the Seven New Wonders of the World.
19.The Nabataeans' descendants exist to this day, inhabiting caves and tombs.
Jordan runs a special program that encourages them to live in adapted to modern times settlements, but not everyone is interested.
20.Jordanian Bedouins have been telling legends about Petra for centuries. It is a haunted place, the dwelling of djinns as they relate.
Djinns are ghosts from desert folklore, invisible demons that haunt lonely places and tormenting careless people.
26 facts about Petra

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