26 facts about Petra

21.According to the Bedouins, Petra is where the biblical Moses split a rock from which water gushed out.
It was believed that the narrow ravine leading to Petra was a crevice made by the staff of Moses, and Al-Khazneh was the work of Moses' greatest enemy - the Pharaoh of Egypt.
22.Bedouins also explain why Perta was a secret for so long.
The Nomads' descendants, who guarded the city's secret location, killed all foreigners who wandered into their land, and that is why the West never heard about Petra.
23.No written sources about everyday life in Petra have survived.
Few inscriptions and ancient texts tell of mighty kings, lovers of democracy, gods and feasts, great victories, and women's right to possess assets.
24.Archaeologists discovered ancient roads in Petra. Ones for pedestrians, others for camels, and wheeled vehicles.
Roads diverged in all directions of the world.
25.There was a well-developed network of aqueducts in Petra.
Aqueducts network provided water even to the homes of individual citizens.
26.The Nabataean script gave rise to the Arabic alphabet used today by millions of people from Morocco to the Persian Gulf.

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26 facts about Petra

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