20 facts about Laughing kookaburra

Laughing kookaburra
11.They are widely known for their laughter.
They emit sounds resembling human laughter. Natives call them “bushman’s alarm clock”.
12.Apart from the distinctive laughter, laughing kookaburras have a variety of different sounds.
It all depends on the occasion – the range of calls vary whether its purpose is to show aggression, find other family member or raise an alarm.
13.Although laughing kookaburras are members of the kingfisher family, they are not associated with water.
Kingfishers are known for diving into ponds and streams to catch fish, but laughing kookaburras do not eat fish too often.
14.Their mating season starts around October or November.
15.Laughing kookaburras are family birds.
They pair for life and use the help of their grown younglings in the process of incubating the eggs, and feeding and protecting them from predators.
16.They are territorial, marking their territory by singing as a chorus.
17.Chicks are ready to fledge within 33 – 39 days.
However, they still rely on their family pack for food and protection.
18.Although laughing kookaburras inhabit mainly forest and woodlands, they are a common sight in urban and suburban areas.
They are not afraid of humans and are known for snatching food from their hands.
19.Their population is stable, listed as the least-concern species on the IUCN Red List.
20.Their laughter has been used in many Hollywood movies ever since the Tarzan series in the 1930s.
Usually, their laughter is used as a jungle soundtrack.

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Laughing kookaburra
20 facts about Laughing kookaburra

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