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The animal was discovered in 1901

It was known locally in ancient Egypt, where a carved statue of this animal was found. Okapi is a very interesting, unusual animal with an interesting coat that allows it to hide perfectly in the brush. Is an endemic species living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the northeast of the Congo River. Western culture learned about Okapi in the early 20th century thanks to its discoverer Harry Johnston.
Okapi forest is a mammalian member of Giraffidae family and the only representative of the genus Okapia.
The common ancestor of okapi and giraffes lived in the world about 11.5 million years ago.
Okapi lives only in the Ituri equatorial forest in Central Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Europeans discovered okapi in 1901, previously they were known only to the local population.
The name okapi comes from the language of the local African tribe Mbuba from the word o'api.
Okapi grow up to about 2.1 meters in length and from 1.5 to 1.7 meters at the shoulder.
They have long legs and ears, and their tail reaches a length of 30 to 40 centimeters.
Although their color resembles that of zebras, okapis are related to giraffes.
Both okapi and giraffes have small horns on their heads.
The large number of rods in the eyes of these animals allows them to see in the dark.
Adult okapi weights about 250 kilograms.
These animals are active during the day, although they may also remain active in the early night hours.
They lead a lonely lifestyle, and they only pair together during the mating season.
The okapi territory is usually a few square kilometers.
In the case of males, the territory covers approximately 13 km², while females occupies 3 -5 km².
They are herbivores, the basis of their diet are leaves of trees and grass, but they also eat buds, fruits and mushrooms.
For unexplained reasons, okapis also eat charcoal from burned trees.
The gestational period lasts from 440 to 450 days and usually the mother gives birth to one young in August or September.
The new-born okapi weighs between 14 and 30 kilograms and is 80 centimeters high.
They are very alert and perceptive animals, when they find themselves in an emergency they hide in thickets, where it is difficult to spot them due to their masking color.
The first okapi was born in captivity in 1919 in the zoo of Antwerp.
In 1987, the "Okapi Conservation Project" program was launched to protect these animals.
In July 2012, the headquarters of the Okapi National Park was attacked by poachers. Attackers killed workers and bodyguards of the facility as well as 14 animals.
The okapi is one of the few mammals that can lick its own ears.
The okapi must splay its legs to reach the ground when drinking.
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