32 facts about Argentina

21.Most of Argentine’s population live in urban areas.
Only 12% of people live in rural areas, in latifundium and livestock estates.
22.The best beef comes from Argentina.
Argentinians practice so-called extensive breeding, which involves free grazing of animals on vast meadows. Animals have at their disposal fresh grass,   fresh air, sun, freedom of movement, and the breeding is stress-free. Meat from these cows is relatively high with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
23.Argentina is a homeland of tango, which occurs in UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage Site in 2009.
Argentine’s tango is characterized by improvisation and closeness of partners.
24.The dominant religion of Argentina is Christianity.
In 2013, an Argentine, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, became the first-ever South American pope. He took the name Francis.
25.Argentine’s national sport since 1953 is Pato.
It is played on horseback and combines polo with basketball. The aim of the game is to place the ball into the basket. The name is a Spanish word meaning duck. Before players started using balls, they played with live ducks.
26.The Argentines introduced dactyloscopy into forensic science.
The Argentine killer of her two children was the first criminal identified by fingerprint examination method.
27.The first-ever full-length animated film – “El Apostol” – was produced in Argentina.
28.At the turn of 2001 and 2002, Argentina had as many as five presidents within two weeks.
29.The first child born in Antarctica was a son of an Argentine – Silvia de Palma.
His birth, which happened in 1978 was planned right there to strengthen the Argentine’s territorial claim of Antarctica.
30.After abolishing divorces in the 1980s, Argentina became the infamous leader in this area.
Unofficially, the Argentines are claimed to be the most unfaithful nation of South America.
32 facts about Argentina

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