33 facts about Singapore

11.Singapore has a dense network of short rivers.
The longest one is 16 kilometers long.
12.Only 5% of the country is covered by natural vegetation, protected in reserves.
The island used to be covered with humid equatorial forests, but it was cleared to develop a city-state. Overall, however, the forest covers 29% of the country’s terrain, making it the best among the big cities around the world.
13.Macaque is the signature animal of Singapore.
The largest Singaporean mammal is a wild pig.
14.Singapore is home to over 350 species of butterflies.
15.Singapore is devoid of drinking water, which has to be imported through a pipeline from Malaysia.
16.It lies just above the equator.
The distance is 137 kilometers. There are no seasons there, and the weather is the same all year. It is hot, and there are two monsoon seasons. There has never been a negative temperature recorded in Singapore. The length of the day is almost the same throughout the year.
17.Underground corridors and shopping malls connect most buildings in Singapore.
It is due to the frequency and amount of rain.
18.Singapore has a great airport, one of the most important in the world.
It was designed in the 1960s as the country’s showcase and offers 121 destinations.
19.Singapore has exceptional public transportation – subway network, light rail, and buses.
Owning a car in Singapore does not pay off, as the state imposes many high charges associated with it. The concern for cleanliness and ecology dictates this.
20.Littering, eating, drinking, and carrying durians are illegal in public transport.
33 facts about Singapore

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