20 facts about Common cuckoo

Common cuckoo
11.It takes a few seconds for the egg to be laid in a nest.
During this time, the female cuckoo ejects or eats one of the host eggs.
12.The common cuckoo is mostly an insectivore.
Its delicacy is hairy caterpillars, which are not a treat for many bird species. Cuckoos sometimes eat the chicks and eggs of other species.
13.Cuckoos never raise their own chicks.
Their job is merely to drop an egg into a stranger's nest. When the nest owner realizes that the egg has been tossed, he may throw it or leave the nest altogether.
14.Cuckoos chicks hatch in 11 to 13 days.
The newly hatched birds are aggressive and push apart, causing other eggs or even hatched chicks to be thrown from the nest and die on the ground.
15.Young cuckoos throw other chicks out of the nest to get enough food.
This is because a cuckoo chick is often larger than its host and could not be able to survive if other birds were fed in addition to it.
16.It is difficult to determine the maximum lifespan of the cuckoo.
The record holder lived 6 years, 11 months and 2 days, but there are reports that the cuckoo can live up to 15 years.
17.Although the global population of the cuckoo is slightly declining, it is considered a species of the least concern.
According to measurements, the global population of these birds is between 25 and 100 million individuals.
18.The cuckoo is a bird that stays away from people and does not come into the sight of humans unless it has to.
It often hides in the treetops and bushes where it is difficult to spot.
19.The first person to notice and describe the behavior of the cuckoo was Aristotle.
20.In 2003, a complete list of birds on which cuckoos parasitize was published by Alexander D. Numerov.
There parasite on 291 bird species.

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Common cuckoo
20 facts about Common cuckoo

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