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26 facts about Russia
26 facts about Russia
A fascinating and mysterious land
Although not officially proclaimed an empire until 1721, it is claimed that Tsardom – a term first used after the coronation of Ivan IV in 1547 – was ...

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In Slovakia, all students up to the age of 26 travel by train for free.
This program also applies to retirees (over 62 years of age), disability pensioners, and people on b ...
The capital of the Portuguese colony until 1763 was Salvador, a city in eastern Brazil on the Atlantic Ocean.
The city was founded on the site where Amerigo Vespucci came ashore in 1501. Salvador was founded in ...
Poland has had at least five capitals throughout its history.
Gniezno was the capital city until 1038, when it was almost completely destroyed during an invasion ...
The center of the monarchy was then located in the Hofburg - a palace in Vienna.
Today there are various museums there, including Schatzkammer - the treasury, or the Sisi Museum.
Mauritius is an upland island with altitudes ranging from 300 to 800 meters above sea level.
The terrain rises from the coastal plains to the central plateau, where it reaches an altitude of 67 ...
During the Viceroyalty of Peru, the Cusco School of painting was established.
Its greatest representative is Diego Quispe Tito, a Peruvian painter from the Quechua people. His mo ...
The only endemic mammal found in Mauritius is the Mauritius flying fox (Pteropus niger).
It is also known as the Mauritius fruit bat or Greater Mascarene flying fox. Its role in the ecosyst ...
Switzerland has no access to the sea, its largest reservoir is Lake Geneva.
It is an Alpine country - 60% of the country's area is covered by the Alps.
Portugal's power and wealth were greatly damaged by several successive events.
It was the Lisbon earthquake in 1755, the occupation of the country during the Napoleonic Wars, the ...
Portugal has the largest oceanarium in Europe.
It is located in the Park of Nations in Lisbon, which was created after the Expo'98 exhibition. The ...