23 facts about Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali
11.He once gave a lecture at the Surrealists Exhibition in London in an old,  deep sea diving suit.
He wanted to illustrate his subconscious mind in this way, but he did not foresee that he would have limited air access there. The audience didn't realize it until Dali passed out.
12.He was fascinated by the appearance of Diego Velazquez.
Dali's famous mustache was modeled on the mustache of a recognized painter.
13.He appeared in restaurants in the company of his cat.
Babou was an ocelot, which Dali acquired in 1960 from a Colombian notable. He took him for walks in a collar richly encrusted with precious stones.
14.He was often called "Avida Dollars".
He loved money and was known for his greed. He often used unethical methods to earn them. Once, he sold a painting to a wealthy client for a considerable amount, claiming that the paint was mixed with wasp venom.
15.Dali and his beloved wife Helena Diakonova, better known as Gala, loved to organize lavish parties.
They were extremely extravagant and required a lot of creativity and courage from the invited guests, as wild animals walked between them. Parties were usually themed, to which guests had to match their costumes.
16.He loved fashion.
The artist willingly collaborated with various designers who created their creations based on his works. He worked with Christian Dior on a collection inspired by the future of humanity, when the artist designed a dress for 2045.
17.He designed four Vogue magazine covers.
18.The artist worked on increasing his creativity.
One day he figured out how to remember his dreams. He fell asleep with spoon in his hand over a tin plate. After falling asleep, the spoon hit the plate and made such a noise that Dali woke up immediately and wrote down what he dreamed of.
19.Was he inspired by Einstein?
Critics and scholars wondered if Dali's famous Melting Watch was inspired on Einsteins theory of relativity.
20.He had sadistic tendencies in his childhood.
In his memoirs he wrote that at the age of five, he dropped a child out of a bridge for no reason. The child suffered serious injury. George Orwell, after reading Dali's biography in which he described his sadistic tendencies, stated that Dali was a good cartoonist but a disgusting man.
Salvador Dali
23 facts about Salvador Dali

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