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Eastern roe deer

The Siberian roe deer is a widespread species, commonly found in Siberia and Mongolia. They are shy animals, mostly solitary, but form a herd during winter. Some, but not all, form mobs to perform mass migration.

Siberian roe deer
They are native to northeastern Asia.
It can also be found in Kazakhstan and certain parts of Kyrgyzstan, mainly the Tian Shan Mountains.
They belong to the genus Capreolus.
They are also called the eastern roe deer.
On average, the Siberian roe deer grow to 145 centimeters tall and weigh approximately 60 kg.
Their typical lifespan ranges from 10 to 18 years.
Even though they are commonly mistaken for the European roe deer, they can be distinguished by their antlers.
The Siberian roe deer have larger, more branched antlers.
They are sexually dimorphic.
Males, called bucks, are larger and have widely spread three-tined antlers.
Bucks shed their antlers in the fall or early winter.
The antlers begin to regrow right after they are shed.
Females, called doe, give birth to one or two fawns after a 300-day gestation.
They undergo embryonic diapause.
Doe can delay the implantation of an embryo, so she will not give birth during winter.
The Siberian roe deer are nocturnal.
Their activity happens after dawn, while they spend most of the day sleeping.
The Siberian roe deer are vocal.
Scientists distinguished six different sounds they use to communicate: screaming, rasping, whining, barking, whistling, and squeaking.
They are herbivores.
Their diet consists of over 600 species of plants.
Siberian roe deer are mostly solitary.
They form a herd of typically 30 individuals for feeding purposes during winter, and while migrating, they can form a mob of even 500 individuals.
They have a number of natural predators.
They are the most preferred prey of Amur leopards, but they are also preyed upon by Siberian lynx, Himalayan wolf, or Siberian tiger.
They are listed as Least Concern by the IUCN.
Their numbers, however, are not known.
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