30 facts about Asia

21.The famous and characteristic animals of Asia are monkeys, tigers and elephants.
Because of Asia's territorial extent, there are also polar bears and snow leopards in the north and komodo dragons in the south.
22.The primary natural resources of Asia are aluminum, tin, coal, iron and gold.
The Arabian region is also rich in oil and natural gas.
23.The largest peninsula in Asia is the Arabian Peninsula, with a surface area of 2 789 000 km² (1 076 839 sq mi).
24.The most popular religions in Asia are Hinduism (25%), Islam (24%), Buddhism (12%), Taoism, and Confucianism.
25.The highest number of skyscrapers are located in Asia.
The record holder so far is the Burj Khalifa located in Dubai. It is 829.8 meters (2 722 ft) high.
26.The first five tallest skyscrapers on Earth are Asian buildings.
Those are:
  • Burj Khalifa - Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
  • Shanghai Tower - Shanghai, China,
  • Abraj Al-bait - Mecca, Saudi Arabia,
  • Ping An - Shenzen, China,
  • Lotte World Tower - Seoul, South Korea.
27.The Japanese are Asia's most long-lived nation.
The average life expectancy there is 84.67 years.
28.Three countries with the highest average IQ are also Asian.
  • Singapore with 108,
  • South Korea with 106,
  • Japan with 105.
29.K-Pop originated from South Korea.
30.Most billionaires live in China.
In 2021, according to estimates, there are 1058 Chinese billionaires, compared to "only" 660 in the U.S. This number can, of course, change rapidly due to dynamic changes in the stock markets.

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30 facts about Asia

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