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Great Britain is an island country in Western Europe. Its beginnings were quite modest when in 1603 its two component countries - England and Scotland - were united by a personal union. Today, the United Kingdom consists of four countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Although at the beginning of the 20th century, the area of the United Kingdom covered approximately 25% of the Earth's land area, today the United Kingdom is the 78th largest. Despite the significant reduction in its territory, it is still an important country in the international arena that influences not only the world of science and culture but also sports.

Great Britain
The UK is home to over 68 million people.
The majority of British citizens are English. There are as many as 56 million of them or approximately 84% of the kingdom's population.

The second largest population is occupied by the Scots (5.4 million) and the Welsh (3.1 million). The smallest part of the population are citizens of Northern Ireland (1.9 million), which is less than 3%.

Polish is the second most popular language in Great Britain.

During the 2021 census, as many as 612.000 people reported Polish as their primary language. That's almost 1% of the total UK population.

The Thames is not the longest river in Great Britain.

It is the River Severn, whose source is in the Cambrian Mountains in mid-Wales. The Severn is 8 kilometers longer than the Thames.

Speaking of mountains, there are 283 mountains in the UK over 900 meters high.

Great Britain is therefore a perfect place for fans of long, but not too exhausting mountain trips.

Although the British mountains do not impress with their height, the highest peak in the world was named after one of the British.

We are, of course, talking about George Everest, the famous Welsh geographer, after whom Peak XV of the Himalayas - Mount Everest - was named.

Not every police officer in the UK carries a firearm.

Only police officers in Northern Ireland carry it with them at all times. Other countries in the kingdom equip their officers with melee weapons and pepper spray, and only officers who have undergone appropriate training are assigned to use firearms.

During a road check, you can have up to 0.8 per mille of alcohol in your exhaled air.

However, these regulations do not apply to professional drivers, for whom the alcohol limit in exhaled air is 0.2 per mille.

Great Britain is home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world - the University of Oxford.

Among the graduates of this university, there are as many as 56 Nobel Prize winners, 12 saints, and even one of the antipopes - Alexander V.

The British Museum has over 80.000 exhibits. These are carefully selected, most important items.

The museum's resources are incomparably greater; it is estimated that only 1% of the items owned by the British Museum are on exhibition.

We owe the creation of modern football to the British.

Its first codified rules were created in this country. The first important document regulating the game was the rules written in 1848 at the University of Cambridge, and they influenced the further development of football.

The oldest football association also comes from the United Kingdom.

The Football Association was established on October 26, 1863, and its headquarters is in London.

One of the most famous cheeses, Cheddar, comes from Great Britain.

The first cheeses of this type were made in the Middle Ages, near the village of Cheddar. There is a limestone gorge with many caves in which there were ideal conditions for ripening cheese. Although initially, Cheddar was a delicacy reserved almost exclusively for the royal court, today there is practically no place on Earth where you cannot buy it.

In the UK, all racehorses celebrate their birthday on January 1.

This custom was introduced in 1833 in Newmarket, England, and it spread to the whole of Great Britain in 1858.

In English, the word run has as many as 645 meanings.
The United Kingdom is the only country in Europe that does not have an approved constitution.

This does not mean that there is lawlessness there. Simply, the documents regulating various aspects of the functioning of the state are separate from each other and not written down in one document. A similar situation occurs in two other countries: New Zealand and Israel.

Brexit caused the British economy to shrink by approximately 5.5%. This is not the only factor causing financial losses for the UK. The tardiness of the British is also responsible for losses in the economy.

It is estimated that the British economy loses around £9 billion a year due to workers being late. 56% of British people admit to being late for work at least once a week.

The first bookmaker was established in Great Britain.

Harry Ogden is considered the founder of the first bookmaker, who opened his premises in Newmarket in 1795.

Most redheads are born in Scotland.

About 6% of the country's population are redheads, and Edinburgh is considered the redhead capital of the world.

The average Briton drinks 1.9 kg of tea a year.

The tradition of drinking tea in Great Britain dates back to the 18th century. Initially, it was a drink reserved only for the aristocracy. Only the Industrial Revolution brought tea under the roof of the lower social classes.

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