22 facts about Lake Superior

Lake Superior
11.The fauna on Isle Royale is very diverse.
Isle Royale National Park most popular animals are 
  • moose, 
  • deer mice,
  • river otter,
  • snowshoe hare,
  • red squirrel. 

The island's conditions favor some of the animals, so the bat population there is really impressive. Seven species of bats live on the Isle Royale.

The woodland caribou population used to be very numerous but was extirpated with the last specimen seen in 1925.

The Canadian Lynx suffered the same fate and disappeared from the island in the 1930s. They can occasionally be seen on the island if they can cross the ice bridge from Canadian territory.

12.The Lake Superior Basin area is home to 58 native orchid species.
Most orchids grow in the wetlands, marshes and swamps, a habitat where we would not expect to find them, but native orchids have adapted to this harsh weather and acidic and sandy soils.
13.Lake Superior is very cold.
The lake's average temperature is only 2 °C (36 °F).
14.In the winter of 2019, 95% of the lake was covered by ice.
The previous record was 92,5% coverage recorded on March 6, 2014, but if Global Warming isn't stopped soon, by 2040 Lake Superior may become an ice-free body of water.
15.Despite its cold waters, over 80 fish species live in the lake.

The most popular native fish of the lake are

  • bloater,
  • burbot,
  • cisco,
  • lake sturgeon,
  • lake trout,
  • pumpkinseed,
  • rock bass,
  • walleye,
  • yellow perch.
16.To circle the lake, you have to drive 2783 km (1729 mi).
That's almost the same distance as between Chicago and Las Vegas.
17.Flushing time of Lake Superior is 191 years.
That is how long it would take to replace all the lake water with a new one.
18.The first steamboat to ply the lake's waters was the Independence in October 1845.
The boat was used to transport goods and passengers, mainly to mining settlements around the lake.
19.Lake Superior and the Huron's water levels differ by 25 ft (8 m).

The Soo Locks has been built to sail from one lake to another. The first locks were constructed in 1855, and today there are two of them:

  • MacArthur Lock, built in 1943,
  • Poe Lock, built in 1896.

In 2009 a proposal to build another modern lock has been made. Construction is about to finish around 2030.

About 10 thousand ships pass through the locks every year.

20.About 350 shipwrecks have been found at the bottom of Lake Superior.
It is estimated that over 10 thousand people have drowned in its waters. The lake is known for not giving up its dead. Because of the low temperatures, the bacteria responsible for decomposing the bodies are not as active as they would be in warmer conditions. Because of the microorganisms' limited activity, drowned bodies tend to sink to the bottom instead of floating on the surface, lifted by the gases produced during decomposition.
Lake Superior
22 facts about Lake Superior

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