23 facts about Bangladesh

21.The solution to this problem is floating schools.
Schools on boats have been created for thousands of Bengali children who had no chance to study. The boat school goes from village to village picking up children who go to school on it. One hundred twelve boats travel all over Bangladesh to provide access to education. The project is sponsored by an NGO led by architect Mohammed Rezwan who has designed libraries and playgrounds on the water as well as the schools.
22.Mobile hospitals also operate on the same principle.
On the boats, a doctor provides medical care and free medicines.
23.The tallest building in Bangladesh is City Center Dhaka (171 m).
It is the first building in Bangladesh with a multi-story car park. It has 37 floors, 10 of which are dedicated to parking. The building houses a convention and recreation center and a wide landscaped atrium.

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23 facts about Bangladesh

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