51 facts about Croatia

11.The capital of the country and the largest city in Croatia is Zagreb.
Historically, the city derives from the settlements of Gradec and Kaptol, which were located on the adjacent hills being the origin of the present capital.
12.Croatia's biggest tourist attraction is the Adriatic coast with a length of 5835 km.
The coastline of the islands is 4058 km long.
13.Croatia has 1185 islands, most of which are fragments of land. The only exceptions are Brusnik and Jabuka, which are of volcanic origin.
These two islands are small and uninhabited, have powerful winds and no drinking water. Compasses do not work near either island because the rocks that make up the islands contain large amounts of metal ores.
14.The salinity of the Adriatic Sea averages 38.30 per thousand.
Thanks to this high salt content, it is possible to obtain sea salt by evaporation of water in salt pans. Salt has been extracted in the Gulf of Ston since the 13th century. The brewery there was one of the pillars of Dubrovnik's economy.
15.Croatia lies in two climatic zones: Mediterranean and Continental.
16.Along the coast, there are Dinaric Mountains, which include mountain ranges: Gorski Kotar, Kapela, Dinara, with the highest Croatian peak - Dinara (1831 m) and Velebit, which is the most extensive mountain range in Croatia.
UNESCO has recognized Velebit as a World Biosphere Reserve.
17.The Dinaric Mountains are a karst area, rich in thousands of caves, springs, lakes, polja (hollow with a flat bottom) and underground rivers.
18.There are 8 National Parks, 10 Nature Parks and 32 forest, 9 botanical and 16 ornithological reserves in Croatia.
In Lun on the island of Pag, there is a wild olives site.
19.Croatia has two vegetation zones.
Islands with vegetation called woodlands are green only in spring, using moisture reserves from the soil and air. In summer, this vegetation dies as if burnt out. Along the coast and on the islands also grow palm trees, cypresses, cacti, chestnuts, figs, almonds, olives, pomegranates, lemons, oranges and grapes.
20.The island of Hvar is a well-known center of lavender cultivation.
51 facts about Croatia

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