33 facts about Singapore

21.The currency in Singapore is the Singapore dollar.
22.Almost six million people live in Singapore, which gives eight thousand people per square kilometer.
Singapore is a mixture of cultures – 75% are Chinese, 14% Malays, 8% Indians, many Europeans and Americans. The New Year is celebrated four times a year. There is a diversity of religions, and there are four official languages: Mandarin, English, Malay, and Tamil.
23.There is almost no agriculture in Singapore, and aquarium fish farming is the most important.
24.In Singapore, the world’s largest rubber, tin, and species stock exchanges are located.
25.It is the world’s third financial center (after London and New York).
The industry is well developed there, especially high-tech industry.
26.The country does not possess any natural resources, so they bet on economics.
27.Singapore is the world’s third oil center.
It has five refineries that process oil from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
28.The port of Singapore is the world’s second-largest port, after Rotterdam.
It draws massive revenue from it. Singapore has an incredibly advantageous location. It lies on the sea route leading from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and India to China, Japan, and the Pacific. Merchant ships and tankers sail here, replenishing supplies and fuel.
29.Singapore is one kilometer away from Malaysia across the Johor Strait.
Singaporeans built two land connections – a causeway and a bridge, thanks to which they gained a land neighbor. Singapore is separated from Indonesia by 15 kilometers of the Singapore Strait.
30.Singapore is the third most prosperous country in the world, after Qatar and Luxembourg.
GDP per capita is almost 90,000 US dollars. It is a tax haven. Young companies may not pay taxes for three years.
33 facts about Singapore

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