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30 facts about China
30 facts about China
A civilization that has existed continuously for 5000 years
China is the most populous country with the longest-living civilization in the world. It is the home of many inventions and a treasure trove of folk m ...

Did you know?

Slovakia has 9 national parks covering 6.5% of the country's area, as well as numerous reserves and protected landscape areas.
Protected areas cover a total of 12.3 thousand square kilometers. The history of nature protection i ...
The official language in Austria is German.
It is Austrian German, the national variety of German, which is the native language of 88.6% of the ...
Fidel Castro made a name for himself in the Guinness Book of records.
The record was awarded to him for the longest speech delivered at the UN. It lasted 4 hours and 29 minutes. However, his longest speech was the one he gave in Cuba - it lasted 7 hours.
Nigeria’s economy is the largest in Africa and the 31st largest in the world by nominal GDP.
It is an energy powerhouse in Africa (the 15th largest oil producer in the world, the 6th largest ex ...
Vatican City
The largest part of the Vatican territory is occupied by the Vatican Gardens-about 23 hectares.
They are a garden and park complex surrounding the Vatican’s public buildings and residential buildi ...
Peru is the fourth most populous country in South America.
Its population is approximately 28 million people. Every fourth citizen of the country lives in Lima ...
There are two species of monotremes in Australia that act as an interface between reptiles and mammals.
Monotremes are oviparous, and their digestive system, reproductive and excretory systems have a shared outlet.
The Dinaric Mountains are a karst area, rich in thousands of caves, springs, lakes, polja (hollow with a flat bottom) and underground rivers.
Great Britain
Although the British mountains do not impress with their height, the highest peak in the world was named after one of the British.
We are, of course, talking about George Everest, the famous Welsh geographer, after whom Peak XV of the Himalayas - Mount Everest - was named.
Croatia is a multi-party parliamentary republic.
It was an authoritarian country until 2000 but is now a parliamentary democracy based on separation of powers. The state is headed by a president, elected by popular vote for five years.