15 facts about Cerbera odollam

Cerbera odollam
11.Between 1989 and 1999, more than 500 cases of fatal cerberus poisoning were reported in the southwestern state of Kerala, India.
A lethal dose of the poison is contained in one kernel of the fruit and causes death within 1-2 days. Typical symptoms of poisoning include burning mouth, violent vomiting, irregular breathing, headache, irregular pulse, coma, and eventual death.
12.Until the 19th century, Cerbera seeds were used in Madagascar during the ordeals.
Ordeals were used in medieval trials, mainly criminal, but also in civil ones. They were used to clear of or confirm charges against a defendant. Ordeals were based on the assumption that God would not allow an innocent person to die. Those who survived the ordealswere acquitted of all charges.
13.Cerbera is often planted as an ornamental, screening or shade tree.
The lightweight and durable wood is used for boat building and in arts and crafts.
14.Fruits are used to produce bioinsecticides and deodorants.
Research has also been conducted on the use of cerbera seeds for biodiesel production.
15.Various parts of Cerbera are used in the production of drugs, as well as in folk medicine.
Extracts from the roots, leaves, and bark show antibacterial and diuretic effects.

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Cerbera odollam
15 facts about Cerbera odollam

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