19 facts about Mount Elbrus

11.Elbrus is considered a very difficult peak by climbers.
Despite the relatively low altitude compared to other peaks of the Crown of the Earth, the prevailing conditions here have led to many tragedies.
12.Killar Khashirov was the first local highlander to reach the eastern, lower peak of the mountain on July 22, 1829.
13.The first European to reach the lower peak was the British Douglas William Freshfield on July 20, 1874.
14.The western summit of Elbrus was conquered by British climbers on July 20, 1874.
Crew members were  Frederick Gardiner, Craufurd Grove and Horace Walker.
15.In 2009, the cable car to Elbrus was opened.
The first section reaches the shelter at 3708 m a.s.l., the second section reaches 3850 m a.s.l.
16.On the night of February 18-19, 2011, a terrorist attack took place that blew up one of the support posts on the Elbrus cable car.
The Jamaat Baksanski group under the leadership of Kazbek Tashyev was responsible for the assassination. Due to the attack, from February 20 to November 5, 2011, a state of anti-terrorist operation was introduced in the Elbrus region.
17.The eco-friendly hotel LEAPrus3912 was opened on the southern slope of Elbrus. It is located at an altitude of 3912 m a.s.l.
The construction was completed in September 2013 and began accepting guests a month later. The hotel is located on the route most frequently used by climbers.
18.RedFox Elbrus Race. Starting from 2008, every year in June and September a series of running tournaments take place on Elbrus.
Runners can compete on three routes:
  • Elbrus SkyRace 7.36 km long,
  • Elbrus SkyMarathon 12 km long
  • Elbrus Vertical 1 km long.
19.The first run on Elbrus took place in 1990. The rivalry was between Soviet and American mountaineers.

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