18 facts about Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal
11.In winter, Baikal freezes and the ice cover can be up to 2 m thick.
The ice on Baikal is so transparent that the bottom can be seen at small depths.
12.Baikal is a windy and stormy lake.
Longitudinal winds blow here - the kultuk, which creates three-meter waves and the vyerchovik - milder wind, and crosswinds (barguzin, selenga, angara, schelonnyk and others). The coldest and most destructive is gornaja, reaching the strength of a hurricane.
13.In 1996, Lake Baikal and adjacent protected areas were enlisted on the UNESCO World Heritage List as areas of exceptional value for evolutionary sciences.
14.There are 27 islands on Lake Baikal.
The largest of them is Olkhon, which is the third largest lake island in the world. It is inhabited by about 1500 people - Buryats. The deepest place of Baikal (- 1637 m) is located near the island.
15.You can get to Baikal by the Trans-Siberian Railway.
16.Lake Baikal and the surrounding area were incorporated into Russia around the 17th century.
17.The first known inhabitants of the basin was the Siberian Kurian tribe, who appeared there around the 6th century.
18.The first European to visit Lake Baikal was Cossack, Kurbat Ivanov in 1643.

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Lake Baikal
18 facts about Lake Baikal

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