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This under-appreciated vegetable is increasingly appearing on our tables and returning to favor. And this is great news because beets are a vegetable that is very valuable and valuable in terms of health and nutrition. Read what benefits red beets have.

It is a biennial plant.

In the first year of cultivation, it forms a rosette of leaves and a storage root and in the second year, it forms an inflorescence shoot.

The shape of the storage root is a varietal trait.

The roots can be elongated and they have a longer growing season and are also spherical and flat-spherical.

The leaves are oval or triangular, light green, brown-purple-red.

The leaves and their long, fleshy petioles are also highly desirable for consumption as a botanical.

Beets are a vegetable commonly grown in Central Europe.

They are grown from seeds, which are sown in April into not very fertile soil. The growth period takes 3-4 months.

Poland is the largest producer of beets in the European Union.
Beets have a lot of valuable nutrients that positively affect health.

Beetroot contains B vitamins, especially B9, A, C, macro, and microelements: potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, cesium, rubidium, cobalt, chlorine, fluorine, sodium, molybdenum as well as fiber, betanin, and betacyanins.

Young beetroot leaves contain more protein and mineral salts than the roots.
Beets are rich in iron, a deficiency of which can cause anemia.

Beets also help the body absorb iron better.

Beets can lower blood pressure.

Beet juice contains nitrates, which turn into nitric acid in the blood and help dilate and relax blood vessels.

Beets contain a lot of dietary fiber, which helps maintain a slim figure.
Beet has a positive effect on intestinal bacterial flora.
They are important in prevention as well as in the fight against cancer.

They owe their anti-cancer effect to their betanin content, which is an antioxidant that fights free radicals.

The presence of flavonoids in beets protects the body from bacteria and viruses and also helps get rid of toxins.
They contain folic acid therefore they are recommended in states of fatigue, weakness, lethargy, lack of vitality, and mental strength.

They promote the production of serotonin and norepinephrine.

They have deacidifying properties.

Beets are alkaline-forming and therefore people who consume excessive amounts of protein should include them in their diet.

They are recommended for athletes and pregnant women.
They can be prepared in various ways but are most valuable raw.

It is worth drinking the juice and using it as a side dish for salads.

They have only 38 kcal in 100 g but have a rather high glycemic index = 64.

Diabetics should take this into account.

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