33 facts about Turkey

11.The highest peak in Turkey is Mount Ararat, with a height of 5,165 meters above sea level.
12.There are no depressive areas in Turkey, and the lowest point is sea level.
13.Turkey is divided into seven regions and 81 provinces.
They are the Black Sea region, The Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Marmara, and eastern, central, and southwest Anatolia.
14.The largest city in Turkey is Istanbul.
It is also the world’s only intercontinental city. The population of Istanbul is about 15 million people. In comparison, Ankara has a population of about 4,5 million people.
15.The average life expectancy is 72 years for men and 76 years for women.
16.The longest river in Turkey is the Kizilirmak River, also known as the Halys River.
Its length is 1,355 kilometers, and it flows into the Black Sea.
17.The largest and deepest lake is Lake Van.
It is the world’s largest soda lake.
18.In the southern parts of Turkey, one can found houses without roofs. This is by no means an expression of poverty but is connected with family life in the collective.
Families with many children add another tier to their house for each child who starts a family. Wealthier families hire development companies to put up family blocks.
19.About 12,000 plant species grow in Turkey, of which about four thousand are endemic.
20.The symbol of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – the tulips – comes from Turkey.
Istanbul is the capital of these beautiful flowers, where the Tulip Festival takes place.
33 facts about Turkey

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