33 facts about Turkey

21.The Turkish alphabet contains 29 letters.
22.Within Turkey lies the historical land of Cappadocia.
It was an important center of Christianity until the Middle Ages.
23.The most popular alcohol in Turkey is Raki.
It is made of twice-distilled grapes, with an addition of anise.
24.Turkey is the world’s first hazelnut exporter.
25.The National Sovereignty Day and Children’s Day are celebrated on April 23.
26.One of the most popular Turkish dishes is kebab.
The “real” one is served with mutton or lamb.
27.Turkey is a very patriotic country.
28.In Turkey, one can found two types of toilets – classic and holes in the floor.
29.The symbol of Turkey and the symbol of happiness is the Nazar boncuğu.
30.One of the oldest and largest markets in the world is Grand Bazaar, located in Istanbul.
It covers 64 streets and is visited by roughly 40,000 people a day.
33 facts about Turkey

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