26 facts about Russia

21.The first man in space was Yuri Gagarin.
The mission took place in 1961. The flight which orbited the Earth lasted 108 minutes.
22.Russia has the longest railway line in the world.
The Trans-Siberian Railway is 9,200 kilometers long. It connects Western Russia with the Russian Far East, starting in Moscow and ending in Vladivostok.
23.During World War II, subways were used as air-raid shelters.
The Russians built new stations while the conflict was still going on. About 150 people were born in subways during the war.
24.Most of Russia’s territory is Siberia.
25.About 25% of Russians die before they reach 55.
The average life expectancy for a man in Russia is 64 years. The main factor that affects life expectancy is alcohol consumption.
26.The first McDonald’s restaurant opened on January 31, 1990, at Pushkin Square.
The queue in front of the restaurant stretched for several kilometers on an opening day.

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26 facts about Russia

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