Facts about Paricutin volcano

15 facts about Paricutin volcano
The current elevation of Paricutin is 3170 m above sea level.
The volcano's crater has prominence of 208 m and is about 200 meters in diameter.
One of the villages that was completely engulfed by the eruption is San Juan Parangaricutiro.
The only evidence of the village is the ruined church protruding above a lava and ash field.
The church has partially collapsed, with only two towers transcending above the solidified lava's surface.
The altar also survived because the flowing lava stopped right in front of it. This event was considered a clear miracle. Locals believe that God saved the church and visit it to pray. 

They moved the image of Christ from the altar to the church in Nuevo San Juan Parangaricutiro, a new village founded by people from settlements engulfed by the volcano.
Paricutin is currently dormant and became a tourist attraction.
People climb on it and walk around the vent. Despite the lack of volcanic activity, it is still hot and emits steam on occasion.
Despite its inactivity, the region is still seismically active, and Paricutin may awaken at any time.
As it is considered dormant, not extinct, the probability of future eruptions is high. It may happen in a year or in a few hundred years, but Paricutin probably hasn't said its last word yet.