31 facts about Poland

21.In 1923, thanks to Poland's initiative, the International Society was established to protect European Bison.
After the end of the World War, Poland became the world's leading center of European bison breeding.
22.In Poznan Cathedral, there is a symbolic tomb of Poland's first rulers.
Mieszko I and Bolesław Chrobry.
23.There are two Poznan in Poland.
One is in Wielkopolska and the other in the Lublin region.
24.In 1978 Krakow was added to the World Heritage List UNESCO.
25.The Cracow Market Square is the largest market square in Poland and Europe.
Each of its sides is 200 meters long.
26.Officially, Warsaw became the capital of Poland in 1952.
Although it is said that Warsaw has been the capital of Poland since 1596, this is not entirely true. At that time, only the king and his court moved to Warsaw and it became the residence city of His Majesty the King. It was not until 1918 that Warsaw was declared the capital of Poland, while in 1952, the Republic Polish People constitution formally stated that Warsaw was the capital of Poland.
27.The coat of arms of Warsaw is the image of a mermaid - Warsaw Mermaid.
The coat of arms design was adopted in 1937 and approved in January 1938.
28.Poland had 38 kings.
Seven of them were titular kings, the remaining thirty-one crowned.
29.8 Poles received the Nobel Prize.
The most recent winner of this prestigious award is Olga Tokarczuk. Furthermore, ten people associated with Poland are also Nobel Prize winners.
30.Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe.
It also ranks 69th in the world.
31 facts about Poland

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